In any business, disputes can arise between a customer and the organization. We being in the relocation business find it no different. We understand that disputes can arise between us as a moving company and our customers for many reasons. We strongly believe that the best method for resolving disputes is through direct discussion with our customer service department.

Monster Moving, being a legitimate moving company has an efficient customer service department which can address and help resolve disputes. Most of our issues or disputes have been resolved within the boundaries of our customer service. Sometimes, when an issue cannot be resolved through the normal customer service channels, a customer may consider other ways to address the issues.

Monster Moving, being a member of  FMCSA requires to have in place a neutral arbitration program to help resolve disputes. Neutral arbitration can serve as a cost effective and quick alternative to traditional litigation.

If you have already been though your issue with our Customer Care Department and still feel the need to go through our Arbitration Program, then please click the below link to download the form to submit your issue.

Monster Moving-Arbitration-Program – CLICK TO DOWNLOAD