Safety is a concern during relocation especially when moving into a new state. People who move are usually vulnerable to identity theft and burglary, either during travel or once they have settled in their new place.

However, one can make sure that the move is safer for themselves and for their belongings by prior planning. The below mentioned precautionary measures will help you safeguard your relocation process.

Before Moving Day:

Those who are moving out from an apartment should request the landlord to not give out their forwarding address.

Prior to the move, try to tell as less number of people as possible about the upcoming move. Never post the details on social media.

Arrange with the post office so that all your mail is held during the move. Have the post office send all your deliveries to your work address, if feasible. Try to avoid any mail or package to be delivered to your new address till the time you actually move in.

Please avoid spreading the impression that you are completely alone in your new home. If a professional mover cannot be afforded for the whole project, try and appoint a crew from one of the local agencies for unloading and loading the truck.

It helps to get somewhat acquainted with the new neighborhood, prior to the arrival of the moving truck. Different states and cities tend to have different dangers. It better to be prepared from beforehand.

On Moving Day:

Never pack valuables like jewelries, precious stones, and antiques with other things. It is better to keep them safe in the trunk of the car.

Try not to tell your new neighbors that you are moving in all alone.

It is better to hire someone for guarding the moving truck when you unload and carry the items into the new home.

Change all the locks immediately after you get settled into your new home.