Have a move coming up soon?

Here are some useful move planning tips that will help you plan and execute your move with perfection.

Before 8 Weeks:

Start by getting estimates for your move. For an accurate price quote we recommend that you schedule a visual estimate with International Van Line’s moving consultant. Visual estimates are more precise as compared to over the phone estimate and will avoid excess weight charges at the time of pickup. You also have the option to choose an estimate which includes packing services. If you have plenty of delicate items then we suggest that you leave the packing to professionals. International Van Lines also offers moving boxes of various sizes. Your moving coordinator can help you in providing them based on your inventory.

Before 7 Weeks:

Finalize your moving date and discuss with your moving coordinator on the truck availability for your pick up and delivery dates. Get a copy of the contract and understand the terms and liabilities. In cases where companies pay for their employee’s move, were recommended that you get a copy of your company’s moving policy and understand the excludes and includes. Make sure you clarify all doubts with your moving coordinator before signing the contract and booking your move with International Van Lines.

Before 6 Weeks:

Start notifying service providers and utility companies on your change of address. Set up mail forwarding on the USPS website based on your move out date. Submit change of address requests with banks, insurance, subscriptions etc. Let your utility company know of your moving out date and have them disconnect services accordingly. Start notifying your Doctors, Lawyers, Insurance agents, Accountants, Family & Friends, Business associates and all those who need to be informed about your relocation.

Before 5 Weeks:

Make a list of items that you won’t be needing at your new home. You might have unwanted things stored up that haven’t been touched for years. Start selling them or donate to charity. This will help you reduce your load and also help in organizing your new home more efficiently. Consider setting up a garage sale. To make your sale more attractive, you could request your neighbors to join in as well. Craigslist and EBay are good places to put up electronics and high value items for sale.

Before 4 Weeks:

Reconfirm your moving dates with your moving coordinator. If there are any changes in your travel plans, now is a good time to let your International Van Line’s consultant know about it. Ensure that your movers have your delivery address and reachable phone numbers. If you are going to drive your car to your new destination then get it serviced and road ready. If you are moving in winter then read our Blog Article on useful tips for winter moves.

Before 3 Weeks:

Start packing your items. Make a checklist of things to do before your move date. Get packing supplies according to your inventory. Follow the thumb rule of placing heavy items at the bottom of the box and lighter ones at the top. Make a separate list of items that you would be carrying along with you and pack them separately. If you have already made air travel plans then reconfirm your schedule with the airlines or travel agent. Start cleaning your home appliances and keep them ready for the move. Make goodbye visits to friends and family. Plan a farewell party for your kids with their friends.

Before 2 Weeks:

Reconnect with your moving coordinator. Make sure that your move is on schedule on their calendar. If you have items that have been given for servicing or repairs then have them picked up. Empty and retrieve your lockers from gyms and clubs. If you have a pet then make travel/boarding plans accordingly. Check for things that your might have borrowed from your neighbors or library. Have them returned.

Before 1 Week:

Finalize your moving boxes and start labeling them. Boxes that you would be needing immediately when the truck arrives at your destination should be labeled as last load. Segregate boxes with delicate items and mark them as fragile. If you feel the need for additional protection for certain items, then call your moving coordinator and request for additional packing supplies to be brought on the moving day. Ensure that you haven’t packed any non allowable items such as hazardous chemicals, combustible and flammable substances. Have them disposed as per recommended guidelines.