We recommend that you avail the services of a certified specialist for disconnecting, servicing and preparing you appliances before moving day. However if you choose to do it yourself, then you must follow the right procedures to ensure your own safety and that of the appliance.

Here are some guidelines that will help you prepare your Washer Dryer before moving. We recommend that you start the process at least a week before your scheduled move date.

Get your Instruction Manual

The first thing you need to do is to look up the manufacturer’s instructions for moving the appliance. In case you can’t find your manual then you should be able to download it from the manufacturers website.

Things Required

White Vinegar/Bleach
Slip-joint pliers
Cardboard/Paper Packing
Duct Tape
A Bucket
Washer Locks or Bubble Wraps

Cleaning your Washer Dryer

Run your empty Washer Dryer with hot water on a standard wash setting. You can use white vinegar or bleach instead of detergent. This will help in cleaning the drum off detergent residue. Once done, let it dry for 24 hours with the lid open.

Unplugging your Washer Dryer

Turn off the power and disconnect the power plug. Shut down the water supply by turning the hot and cold water supply valves at the rear side of the washer dryer. Carefully disconnect the hoses one by one from the supply valves. There could be some water in the hoses hence keep a bucket handy to prevent spill and collect the remaining water into the bucket. Now disconnect the hoses from the washer dryer using slip-joint pliers and put them inside the drum after wiping dry. Don’t  remove the drain hose from the washer dryer, instead hook it up along the rear side of the machine in an upright position using tapes. This will prevent any left over water in the drum from spilling out during loading and unloading.

Securing the Drum

Look up your installation manual for the right procedure to install washer locks. If you don’t have the washer locks that came with your machine when your purchased, you could get them from your manufacturer’s store or purchase a generic washer dryer moving kit from a local store. For front loading washer dryers the drum is normally secured with bolts from the rear side of the machine. For top loading machines, foam wedges and cardboard packing are placed in the space between the drum and the outer shell. This will help in keeping the drum stationary during transit.

Wrapping your Washer Dryer

Wipe the outside of the washer dryer with a soft cloth. Get rid of dust and grime or any detergent stains from the electrical control panel and outer surfaces. Secure the power supply cord to the rear side of the washer dryer with tape. Wrap tape around the lid to prevent it from rattling during transit. Place paper/cardboard padding on the glass lid and electrical panel and secure with tape. To prevent scratches during transportation use moving blankets or bubble/shrink wraps to wrap your machine.