Moving Checklist

  • Plan your moving method (hiring movers or truck rentals) and get at least 3 estimates to compare.
  • Make and Inventory of everything you want to move.
  • Create a pack it or trash it list.
  • Coordinate packing & storage services, if necessary.
  • Lock in your move date.
  • Purchase moving insurance to protect your property.
  • Be sure to insure all valuable items.
  • If you are packing yourself, get packing supplies (boxes, tape, padding, markers etc.).
  • Transfer of important records like medical and dental records and children’s school records).
  • Coordinate a yard or garage sale.

  • Begin packing and clean as you go, we recommend room by room Out of season clothing, decorative items.
  • If you have children, get them involved in the packing process.
  • Pack items that you may need access to separately.
  • Do not pack any medications that you may need in the next two weeks.
  • Begin using up perishable foods.
  • Personal Preparations.
  • Check in with your move coordinator.
  • Complete a change of address checklist.

    Credit Cards
    Home Owners or
    Renters Insurance

  • Make copies of important documents, such as birth certificates and medical and dental records.
  • Find new dentists and doctors.
  • Squeeze in Some Goodbye Fun.
  • Schedule goodbye partiers with all important people in your life.
  • Let everyone know how they can stay in touch with you Finalize Travel Plans.
  • If you are flying to your new residence, make sure your air travel is booked with no changes in the itinerary.
  • If you are driving, schedule a tune up before you hit the road.
  • Confirm hotel arrangements.
  • Pack all essential items that you may need immediate access to during your first two nights in your new home.

  • Be sure to label all boxes accordingly.
  • Pay close attention to packing fragile/antique items and label them accordingly.
  • Continue packing, be sure to not pack any tools you may need (screwdriver, pliers, wrench etc).
  • Household Preparation.
  • Schedule disconnection of utilities for 2 – 4 days after your move date, to allow for delays.
  • Schedule connection of utilities at old and new place.
  • Change the locks.
  • Empty out any safe deposit boxes you may have and store them in a safe location.
  • Set up your new bank accounts, if applicable.
  • Coordinate having the day off for moving day.
  • If moving out of state, notify the bank and credit card companies to prevent deactivation.
  • Make an action plan for moving day.
  • Prepare for any additional moving expenses that may happen.
  • Pick up anything you were having cleaned or had in storage.
  • Finalize your plans for your pet(s).

  • Remove bedding and break down beds.
  • Pick up rental truck, if applicable.
  • Walk movers through the house to give an overview of what you want loaded.
  • Make sure the movers have your new residence address.
  • Plan to be on hand the day of the move to supervise packing and loading.
  • After everything has been loaded, do a last walk around before signing off on the inventory list.
  • Give the driver your exact address.
  • Point out all fragile/valuable boxes to ensure special care is taken when packing/loading.
  • Ensure that everything is turned off and that all doors and windows are locked.