How to Get Help from the Internet while Relocating?

Statistics reveal that every year, one out of four Americans packs up and moves their belongings. Before and during such a relocation, which is nothing short of a life-changing event, people make extensive researches on the internet about various aspects of the upcoming or ongoing move. It has been found that almost 91% of those who have moved in the recent past have found beneficial information on the internet.

It is quite expected that the internet offers a treasure trove of information about relocating. The internet can indeed turn out to be a priceless tool while planning for a move, as long as the internet user knows what to watch out for, where to search, and how to add to the internet research.

Areas where the internet can assist in the planning, things to be wary of, and things to avoid while gathering information:

Selecting a Realtor: You can find professional realtors on the internet with the help of a bit of research. As selling and buying a home are typically the most challenging and expensive aspects of a move, selecting the right professional realtor can be an enormous challenge.

The internet is quite helpful in the research of real estate companies, enabling the internet user to know about the geographical areas of concentration of various real estate companies, special services offered by each company, and particular niches of real estate companies in question.

Not Relying Solely on the Internet to Find a Realtor: It is essential to meet realtors individually and decide about the ones that best cater to your requirements on the basis of their success in a particular area, network of resources to assist in the sale of your home, needed commissions and added services that would make this significant transaction as smooth as possible.

Using the Internet to Research Moving Companies:  It is advisable to get “word of mouth” recommendations from family, friends, neighbors, and trusted realtors. On making a list of prospects, you can get in touch with the companies via phone calls to know about the address, website, e-mail ID, years of experience, references, MC, and DOT. Subsequently, you can use the internet for (a) visiting which is a FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website, and (b) searching for the company using the MC and DOT numbers to look for safety information, licensing, orders (if any) to cease operation, and other information.

It is also advisable to check which is the website for Better Business Bureau. You should aim to schedule a minimum of 2 in-home estimates that should be offered free of charge.

Not Relying Upon the Internet to Select your Moving Company:  You should always try to personally meet the mover’s representative to make sure that both of you understand the factors involved.

Researching the New Destination: The internet offers all kinds of information about your new hometown.

Not Assuming Everything Found on the Internet to be Accurate or Up-to-Date: Your online research should be followed by thorough and in-depth personal enquiries by making phone calls and meeting people.